Eternal Media Bar Update - Widgets Soon!

- Added widgets
- Added layout for editing widgets !NOT FULLY IMPLEMENTED YET!
- Updated JDK version to 1.8.
- Reworked a large degree of variable management to accommodate the use of ID's for improved readability and slightly less RAM use.
- Removed some unnecessary checks.
- Removed some unnecessary variables.
- Improved some inefficient loops.
- Properly fixed being able to long click search tools, you shouldn't be able to do that.
- Fixed an XML error in the saving for hidden apps.
- Removed the isPersistent bool from apps, it was very unnecessary.
- Fixed some positioning errors with the theme.
- Significantly reworked the settings menu code, it's not really better or worse, just different to accommodate all the changes.
- Some more progress to having the ability to hide apps.

No new APK yet, I'll upload it after I finish the widgets.

As usual you can check out the source, contribute, and download the installer APK from my github at: