Also I'm gonna start making games again.

Lunar got me the game maker bundle, so I will probably spend a few minutes from time to time reviving my old game maker projects.
I'll put the releases up on my patreon for all our donors.
But, I'll throw my blogger followers some releases from time to time as well. I guess I'll have to make a page for that too.

one bug left till next release, I think... #Traincraft rewrite and #TrainsInMotion

Okay, so lots of updates since my last post. I've been trying to fix things up, mostly the linking, that's been a menace. I'm still working on it with help from Zora no Densha, but this is the last known bug.

Again, I put off updating the blog for way too long so this is a lot of news.....

Long story short linking is remade to use the first and last hitboxes as positions and couplers, bonus hitboxes can now be positioned on all 3 axis, some things have a bit better performance, and a bunch of things got fixed.
TMT changes: now if you make a flat cube, it actually renders as 2 sides rather than all 6, and the depth fix now works with shapeboxes.

Actual long story:
- Fixed a rotation issue with the render.
- Added .tmp files to the gitignore.
- Backported and fixed up the inventory code from 1.12, it seems to have fixed the shift clicking bug with inventories.
- Added the start of a class to manage crafting items, still needs work but it's that much less I have to do for…

progress on #Traincraft 010 and #TrainsInMotion

Geeze, it's been almost 3 weeks since my last post?
Well I have been busy, so at least there's news. And a lot of it. So you might wanna take a seat, there's a lot to read.

First of all, after a lot of requests to do so, and even more delays, I'm finally opening a patreon for TiM and Eternal Media Bar, if y'all have ideas for rewards I'd love to hear it, everything is already in place and it should launch today or tomorrow.

I'm also working on a new website to work with git, this should make it a lot easier for people to find what they are looking for, more on this to come later.

So, here's the big news, Traincraft 010 finally has SMP Toolbox support for models (Shapes don't work, so use shapeboxes instead).
Every model that used the old custom model render has been reworked to run through the new render, this should fix a bunch of minor graphical bugs, and significantly improve performance. This will also make it easier for us to re-create these models…

progress update for #TrainsInMotion #Traincraft rewrite

I've been working closely with a new tester which has helped uncover dozens of bugs in 0.2.6 which I have been rapidly fixing.

There will be a release to fix all the bugs and add a little new content. This time I have a tester to help me be sure it actually works (thanks Xelbayria).

Also some news for 0.2.7, I have a new theoretical render method for spline based rails, if it works out, it will be very efficient, and no models will be needed to render the geometry. Textures will also be able to contain more detail while being significantly smaller.
Basically the idea is to define the points of the normals manually from offsets, using points for every microblock, and then an angle from the previous point to the current to define shape.
So here's to hopes that works out when the time comes!

Meanwhile I still have to rework the entire inventory system, again (forge inventory code hates my new GUI, so I guess I gotta make my own).
While I'm in there I might as well prep it …

Still making progress #TrainsInMotion 0.2.7 #Traincraft rewrite

Progress has been slow. Mom got a new puppy, and I finally got the chance to clean the grime out of my car's carpet and seats. or at least most of it (I just remembered, i forgot to do the trunk....).
Add to other family crap going on, it's been a long couple weeks.

Well, just because I've been overly busy doesn't mean nothing is happening.
The base of the new rails are in and smoother than ever, the render is getting more efficient, and a bunch of bugs have gotten fixed.
Still need to rework the curve model and texture, and finish that bogie model/texture I was working on.
There's still some small linking bugs, the fuel management is chaotic, and the velocity calculation could be far more realistic.

With stuff fixed I can get back to the actual new features for 0.2.7, crafting, items, and inventory management. Easy and tedious. A nice change of pace that I'm looking forward to.

- Rails now dynamically define the model, texture, and rotation used based on th…

#TrainsInMotion Alpha 0.2.6 release!

Finally a release, better late than never, and this one is actually playable (unlike the regrettable 0.2.5 release)
If you haven't been following the blog you can check out the cliffnotes changelog at:

For the next release I'm gonna put some more focus into graphics and items.
That means textures (finally), a caboose with a crafting table and furnace, new rendering features like lense flares and support for rendering geometry using minecraft's textures, that will be very useful for windows, crafting tables, furnaces, etc.
That also means actual recipe items for trains and rollingstock.

And of course more fuel management enhancements, bugfixes, etc.

At any rate, here's the changelog from the last three updates, it's a lot.
- Reworked the sitting positions for the Pullmans palace. - Reworked the model the the Rail Curve and Straight Rail. - Reworked the texture for the Rail Curve. - Added the raw mode…

Another poll, plus TMT support in the port? #TrainsInMotion #Traincraft

Alright, so here's some news. As some of you are aware (aka the people in the discord chat), I am reworking the render for the rewrite/TiM.

There has been a number of problems with Shape3D, such as not rendering correctly and not rotating correctly, and I'm considering removing support for it. From what I know you can get the same results by using shapeboxes instead (making a box, and changing the type).

One rather difficult solution is to make a conversion to turn the Shape3D into an array of shapeboxes, although that's really inefficient.

So I wanna hear you're opinions.
Think I should toss it, save time, effort, simplify the source, etc?
Or does anyone have a reason I should try and make it work?
Another option is if anyone has a better idea.

Let me know in the comments/retweets/the poll in the discord announcement channel/whatever. I'm keeping an eye on all of it.

Bonus news:
I've talked about this in the discord before, but I have found some interesting ways to imp…