Website theme issues

Well my old blogger theme corrupted, so time to start it over again, a shame too, people actually liked that one.
This will not be a quick process by any means, but long run I'll be able to add a lot more helpful info and trackers.

Happy thanksgiving, heres some news to be thankful for #Traincraft #TrainsInMotion

Let me tell you, this move has not gone easy, and I've lost a LOT of dev time, it's been over a month now and we're still trying to get things organized, add the holiday rush in to that mess I have less time to work than ever.

But here's the good news, somehow the rewrite still seems to be on track for early next year, and TC is getting another release before christmas.

So lets start with TC, word has it I'm gonna have over 5 new trains to add, along with some reworks of previous trains that haven't exactly hit a gold standard, aside from the DD35A I don't have exact details yet, but we'll find out soon.
Aside from that we'll have an updated render that fixes the shape bugs with SMP toolbox, finally something more complex than a shapebox, that also means we can finally look into xeno's contributions since he never did follow the guidelines on that stuff.
Remember, we have guidelines for a reason.
Alongside that I'm gonna mess around with some of…

New donation option that doesn't cost anything, UPDATE

I realize a lot of my userbase is kids that don't have the money, and users with limited incomes (like myself). So I've found a new way users can donate, using otherwise unused CPU power, it's a really easy process and it can be scaled to the degree you want so you can still play games while you do it.
Click the banner to get started, the link is also on the sidebar under patron.

//UPDATE: removed the patron all together, no one is gonna donate to it. So the CPU donate button got a little rework and is now in place of the patron donate.

#Traincraft 012 and 013, plus my short brake

Alright, so one big mess happened.
012 got released two or three times, then we hotfixed it with 013. This was all within a couple days. Let's just say there were a lot of bugs, and we've already got a number of bugfixes for 014 too. I blame myself, I was trying to rush for the release so I'd have more time to pack.
It's been busy, although Nitro has been covering a LOT of the bugfixes, which has been a HUGE help.

At any rate I'm gonna be moving here over the next couple weeks, so I'll be around on the discord, but I don't really have time to work on TiM until this is all over.
I might be able to do some bugfixes from time-to-time on TC if it's small.....
However, I did manage to get pretty close to my goals on TiM, so when I do get back to work on it, hopefully the next release won't be far behind.

more-or-less here's the end-run changelog for the changes from TC 010 to 013. You might wanna get a drink or something... This is a long list.

The truth about my event with MacTirom

Alright so I'm getting a lot of complaints (and harassment) over an event that happened Saturday (because everyone is buying into a lot of BS). Let me set the record totally straight here.

Mac was distributing a texturepack made by another group, in the terms of use for that texture pack, it was stated not to distribute it elsewhere (similar to Traincraft).
Of course, like he's done with traincraft assets in the past, he did it anyway and didn't actually care till he got punished. (What great consideration for others....)

One of my admins hastily temp banned him for it before we could really try to reason with him.

I confronted him in private about it to try and take care of it peacefully before anything bad happened, and he said to me
"MacTirom - Last Saturday at 12:45 PM
ok i will do it better

So giving him another chance (this was like the 6th chance I've given to him on issues regarding ToS and copyright infringement), I unbanned him from discord.

#Traincraft 011, 012, and #TrainsInMotion changes

Okay so this is a big one.
Traincraft 011 released already, it was a hotfix for some things in 010, there were a number of rather large bugs. Not counting the version that got accidentally leaked.
So many new trains and rollingstock, I don't even remember them all, a big thanks to the community for all the contributions.
Not to mention a number of fixes. And when an Operator in creative mode removes a train or rollingstock, now it shows you who owned it, this is great for dealing with griefers. Or just spamming yourself in creative mode.

Controls were also reworked, so now they piggyback off vanilla forwards/backwards, and you can use jump as a brake. It's still dependent on the direction you are looking though, so heads up there.

012 already seems to be in the works. I think I'm giving up on giving up on this port, I apparently can't fully stop myself from working on it.
So far it seems it's gonna increase FPS by upwards of 20%, and there's some new skins being work…

#Traincraft Overhead lines, shoutcast, and much more for 010, this weekend!

Yes, you read that right, overhead lines and shoutcast support for TC, this weekend.
With 010 being the last planned release of the port before I fully dedicate myself to the rewrite, it only seems fit to go out with a bang.
Honestly this wasn't planned until it came up in a discussion with apoc today that we could check a block for RF output and use that.
With mods like Thermal Dynamics that use the RF (CoFH) API, we can do just that, which lets us use RF transport methods from other mods to power TC trains like an overhead line.

Then to add up the hype, the jukebox cart can now play ogg and mp3 streams from shoutcast and other sources that provide pls or m3u.
I just randomly thought of how to fix it while talking to some community members about bugs in radio mods.

Add to it we got a bunch of new trains and rollingstock, from the legendary GS4 Daylight, and the tiny 0-4-0 vertical boiler, to the crazy fast DSB ICE1 which hits top speeds of 280km/h, hope your chunkloader can keep …