One more hurdle till alpha #TrainsInMotion #Traincraft (1.7.10 rewrite)

- Linking now works, except in 90 degree turns, use diagonally placed track to smooth the corners so it doesn't mess up. Hopefully this can be fixed soon.
- Fixed the lamp still updating when the Y position was not in proper range.
-Removed some debugging.
- Added the missing seats to the pullman's palace.
- Added a passenger GUI to show the riders and empty seats.
- Reworked the texture parse so it can take non-square textures, which was needed to show the players riding passenger cars.
- Reworked the key press event to allow it to be used even from an EntitySeat.
- Fixed the player inventory drawing in the passenger car screen.

Now given the current state of things, this puts me basically on where I wanted to be for release, aside from an unlink button in the GUI which isn't there...
But I want it to work with the 90 degree turns, because making diagonal turns for vanilla track is kind of unsightly.
I'm gonna be talking with ZnD in the coming days on the corners issue, he's saved my ass with this kinda stuff more times than I can remember.

And yes I realize I'm more than a week behind schedule now. And no, I'm not happy about it.
After all these changes however, I have come to realize the delay, and the changes from it, were absolutely necessary, not only to the alpha, but the post-beta and everywhere in-between.

That being said, I have to thank the community for their patience on all of this, it's not something I expected, but it is something that is greatly appreciated.