Bugfixes and inventory changes #TrainsInMotion #Traincraft (1.7.10 rewrite)

Well it's been a while since I pushed an update, I spent a few days working on a side project, and life in general has been busy, but here's an update with some big fixes, this all took me a couple days to put together.

But first, some awesome news:
Because of how well the alpha seems to have gone, I will be on a fast release schedule for alphas. That means a new alpha build every time a new feature of any significance is added.
The next alpha is coming soon, I just need to make a model for a hopper car and a boxcar, make the bogies render, and lastly to double check the related code for any bugs.

After that alpha release I will be reworking the entire pathfinding system to be more accurate and support the future rails, and hopefully be significantly more efficient.
If my theory is right I won't even need bogies in the first place! (that's 2+ less entities per train/rollingstock)

And the usual changelog:
- Theoretically fixed a glitch where transports sometimes didn't respawn hitboxes, seats, or bogies. Needs testing.
- Fixed a crash with enabling and disabling lamps from rollingstock.
- Fixed a crash when pressing the acceleration or reverse keys when in a rollingstock.
- Fixed a glitch where players wouldn't collide with rollingstock if it was moving.
- Improved the performance of collision checks by skipping over them fully if it's a bogie.
- Rebuilt the inventory filter for items, should work properly now, and will now be able to support specialty rollingstock.
- Added a collision circumstance for items if it's a hopper car.