more progress to alpha 2.5 #TrainsInMotion #Traincraft (1.7.10 rewrite)

getting ever closer to the 2.5 release. It's gonna be a tight timeframe for me, but I think I can be done tomorrow (technically before the weekend)
I've actually made a good few updates to git since my last post, so this is gonna be a combination of several, a lot has changed.

This is a long list, so no beating around the bush.
- Created a new fluid block class to allow for flammable fluids.
- Added Diesel, which is flammable.
- Rebuilt the fluid registry, now it should actually work.
- Fixed electric and maglev train's fuel management (it's not balanced,
but it works, so there's that...)
- Rebuilt the worldgen, should be more efficient, and if nothing else
it's much simpler.
- Fixed a potential issue in the build.gradle.
- Removed some now useless classes.
- Moved BlockDynamic to a more proper folder.
- Fixed the storage tile entity, not it doesn't crash.

- Reworking a large degree of documentation to be better supportive of
the hover text feature in some IDE's. This only covers a couple classes
however, so it still needs a lot of work.
- Fixed a potential crash with the flammable fluids.
- Fixed a potential issue with rails that don't extent BlockRailBase.
- The bogie should now be able to return owner and destination properly
for railcraft.
- NBT now uses static strings, defined in their own class for the keys
to improve performance and help prevent issues with mis-matching keys.
- Renamed some functions and classes to help readability.
- Replaced the transport ticks with the inbuilt entity ticks.
- Replaced the null UUID with an actual null, since NBT isn't an issue
with nulls anymore.
- Added a function to get the gameprofile of the owner from the
- The hitbox list is now part of the hitbox manager, to help simplify
- More documentation added.
- Animation and special render tags now have static final values, this
allows for better documentation and should make the parse significantly
more reliable.
- Fixed a texture bug with fluids.
- Removed some unnecessary variables in the EntityBogie.
- Removed the last of the hitbox code for the bogies, should help
performance a lot.
- Removed some unnecessary management of hitboxes from the
- Refactored the fluid in GenericRailTransport, now it's fluidTank,
which should make more sense.
- GetRiderOffsets in GenericRailTransport should now properly offset the
rider on all 3 axis.
- Removed some documentation for functions that are actually well
documented by their super method.
- Moved the GUITrain class to a more logical folder.
- Large rework to hitbox management, collision detecton should have less
overhead now, and be more reliable.
- Hitboxes spawn on server again. I apparently need them there for
proper linking management. oops.
- More documentation completed. getting close to done.
- Fixed a bunch of typos.
- Deobfuscated some code.
- Fixed fuel not saving.
- Removed a useless variable from the Fuel Handler.
- Fixed the accelerator not syncing with client.
- Reworked the key press packet, and it's related code, should be
simpler to manage this way and prevent some potential null pointers.
- Removed a generally pointless function for getting generic rail
transports from server (a typecast and the entity get does the same
thing for the same performance).
- Added ID watchers for the front and back linked transports, this
should allow for better syncing with client.
- Added functionality for RF storage, this will come in handy for carts
that store power for electric trains.
- Improved the performance of smoke and steam particles a bit more.
- Removed a redundant URI.
- Added more NBT keys to support the FuelHandler.
- Improved the getSize functionality for storage tile entities, now it
automatically scales with our main storage size type.
- Added a function for custom block renders to the ClientProxy, this
will come in a lot of use later.
- Removed the tick event for server since it was unused.
- Removed an unused server config.
- Refactored the ContainerHandler to be just for tile entities, since
transports have their own now.
- Updated the version.txt