More progress towards pathfinding #TrainsInMotion #Traincraft (1.7.10 rewrite)

Alright so it's been a while since I posted on this stuff.
Long story short, I'm still trying to get the motion stuff just right in the bogies. Making the calculation work so it doesn't derail is a massive pain.
I also forgot to post my changes the last few times, so this log is gonna be large....

- More reworks to bogie movement, this is probably about as efficient as I can make it while having to extend EntityMinecart. It could be more accurate though, as of now it's only as accurate as vanilla.
- Lowered springy-ness power of linking, probably a temporary change.
- Created a smoother interpolation for yaw (and soon pitch), thanks to Naiten from Rails of War.
- Cleaned up bogie respawn code.
- Partially fixed a bogie height issue.
- Render was changed so now models will render using the direction from the editor. Now they don't have to be made sideways anymore.
- Reworked all the models, except the well car, because of this change.
- TESTING CHANGE: pushing a rollingstock now makes it go a lot faster, and they increase speed with time.
- Progress towards new motion, it's no more or less reliable than vanilla, but it should be... It's close to what is needed, but not there yet.
- Entity destuction changes, moved it from the hitbox to the core entity, now the entity can drop an item of itself on death, it also can be damaged by normal means, and has health so a single strike won't always brake it.
- Transports can now be reinforced, defined in the transport class, this allows it to take less damage.
- You can now define the render scale of the transport, good for if you made it too wide to fit the rails.
- Fixed an improper calculation in the rail util, mostly.