Alpha release soon, ish. #TrainsInMotion 0.2.6 #Traincraft rewrite

Didn't get to really do anything yesterday, but I'm still making decent progress.

Looking over the code I just need to do some bugfixing and then I'm ready to release Alpha 0.2.6.
Due to some desync issues in the bools, I ended up moving them to their own class and just using bit shifting like FirEmerald suggested.
Beyond that, most of the changes were enabling/fixing features that already existed but weren't used, and cleaning stuff up.

As I write this I noticed a couple bugs I'll have to fix tomorrow....

- Fixed some desyncing issues with the bogie and seat entities.
- Added weight to the transports, to more realistically calculate acceleration.
- Trains now properly increase or decrease speed dependent on if linked trains are running, and it's weight if it's not running, or it's a rollingstock.
- Bools are now stored in their own class that can more simply translate them between bools and an integer, they also now have more readable values.
- Transports now save the velocity of their bogies.
- Removed the respawn packet, that was a horrible idea.
- Booleans now save to the proper value in the datawatcher.
- Removed the filterFluids function from the API, it's simpler to just override canFill.
- Fixed a bug with the inventory size.
- Fixed a desync with the GUI button text.
- Added support for RF batteries in electric and maglev trains.
- Added a tracker for the last fuel consumed, this will help allow for special effects dependant on fuel.
- Fixed creative support in electric and maglev trains.
- Removed an unnecessary, and buggy check from the HitboxHandler.
- Added more compensation for things we shouldn't collide with in the HitboxHandler.
- Fixed some vector caching, or lack there of, in the HitboxHandler.

Bonus round:
- Smoke now only updates if the transport is running... This is half a bug, and half a new feature... I'll fix it.
- Unintended feature, technically now we can check if rollingstock are running... This wasn't intended, but might actually be really useful later on with more advanced rollingstock like the track builder, work cart, and jukebox.