Progress report for #Traincraft 010 and #TrainsInMotion 0.2.6

TC Port news:
Some more TC issues have been fixed, such as the armor health resets, some recipe fixes, and removal of some unused textures.
Apoc has also said he was going to re-compress the textures, which should reduce the size of the mod by a couple mb, without effecting quality.

TiM news:
After a talk with Fir, I realized I need to rework the render even more, so that's gonna happen soon.
Meanwhile, adding/making the model for the new tanker car I realized my existing models needed some fixing, I'll have to finish that tomorrow. Also fixed a few bugs.
Here's that changelog, which make's TC's look tiny (because it is):
- uploaded some base textures for existing models.
- Updated the CMD Bogie to scale better to the models.
- Added the GATX 13000 Gallon Tanker Car. (I need to rework the model some in the morning...)
- Fixed an NBT error with fluids.
- Improved the performance of the transport GUI a bit.
- Improved the entity render to scale the position of the bogie with the scale of the entity.
- Fixed a caching error with the render.
- Fixed how some models used the vanilla ModelBase instead of the TMT ModelBase.
- Fixed a glitch where bogies and hitboxes did not despawn on server when the host entity was removed.
- Simplified the registry a bit more, and fixed a recipe error.
- Added a config option for 3D rails (actual feature to come later).
- Added an extra opportunity for hitboxes to force respawn on server restart, since for some reason they don't always do that.
- Removed the Well Car's texture, forgot that part.