Another poll, plus TMT support in the port? #TrainsInMotion #Traincraft

Alright, so here's some news. As some of you are aware (aka the people in the discord chat), I am reworking the render for the rewrite/TiM.

There has been a number of problems with Shape3D, such as not rendering correctly and not rotating correctly, and I'm considering removing support for it. From what I know you can get the same results by using shapeboxes instead (making a box, and changing the type).

One rather difficult solution is to make a conversion to turn the Shape3D into an array of shapeboxes, although that's really inefficient.

So I wanna hear you're opinions.
Think I should toss it, save time, effort, simplify the source, etc?
Or does anyone have a reason I should try and make it work?
Another option is if anyone has a better idea.

Let me know in the comments/retweets/the poll in the discord announcement channel/whatever. I'm keeping an eye on all of it.

Bonus news:
I've talked about this in the discord before, but I have found some interesting ways to implement TMT into the traincraft port.
So after the Shape3D update, I'll try and get it into the mod, and to give an example, I will rework one of the models. Which one, I'll leave as a surprise.