Start of new 3D rails #TrainsInMotion 0.2.6 #Traincraft rewrite

The rails don't have textures yet, and there's a render issue with shapeboxes....
Credit to ApocTheWanderer for the (unfinished) rails
Alright, so I'm basically ready for the 0.2.6 except for a render error that I'm not sure what to do about.... Ferdinand has been working with me on it for a couple days now to see what exactly is going wrong, because this could potentially effect both our mods (my render is a spinoff and backport of his).
You can check out his vehicle mod here: (No he didn't ask me to share that link, but I did it anyway)

Here's the big thing. New rails.
They extend vanilla rails so anything that can use them, can use the new ones, and they are used exactly the same, so y'all already know how to use them.
With time I can add more advanced rendering, and new models, to support diagonal rails, S-bends, etc. Add pre-built designs, and eventually get into wider turns and parallel switches as well.

My original plan was to do a graphics override to the vanilla rails, but it appears that's not an option, so... Good thing railcraft has a track replacer. (Guess I don't need that 3d rails toggle in the settings file anymore now...)

I also finally figured out the real issue to syncing bogies and seats, it wasn't how I was doing it, but rather when I was doing it, so it finally works reliably.

- Removed GenericRegistry, the proxies can handle the same functionality.
- Fixed the syncing issues with seats and bogies, for real this time.
- Added more proper drag to bogies.
- Fixed smoke and steam, now it properly updates depending on the running state of the transport.
- Updated the art requirements in the readme.
- Improved performance for particle calculations.
- Cleaned up the array in BitList.
- Improved performance of hitbox calculations
- Added new rails that extend vanilla rail functionality but use our own render and models.