Still making progress #TrainsInMotion 0.2.7 #Traincraft rewrite

Progress has been slow. Mom got a new puppy, and I finally got the chance to clean the grime out of my car's carpet and seats. or at least most of it (I just remembered, i forgot to do the trunk....).
Add to other family crap going on, it's been a long couple weeks.

Well, just because I've been overly busy doesn't mean nothing is happening.
The base of the new rails are in and smoother than ever, the render is getting more efficient, and a bunch of bugs have gotten fixed.
Still need to rework the curve model and texture, and finish that bogie model/texture I was working on.
There's still some small linking bugs, the fuel management is chaotic, and the velocity calculation could be far more realistic.

With stuff fixed I can get back to the actual new features for 0.2.7, crafting, items, and inventory management. Easy and tedious. A nice change of pace that I'm looking forward to.

- Rails now dynamically define the model, texture, and rotation used based on the nearby blocks.
- Bogies now take weight into consideration for drag.
- Linking management has been moved to the hitboxes for more reliable management.
- Linking is now properly separated between front and back of the transport (I still need the stake item to actually make use of this).
- Linked ID's now run as a null rather than a 0 to prevent some conflicts with entity ID's.
- Fuel management and updating client data from packets is now only called every 10 ticks (twice a second).
- Linked transports should now properly transfer over the datawatcher.
- Linking should now properly add velocity again.
- Bogies now use a small vector cache.
- New and reworked rail models.
- Removed the rail model management from the ClientProxy, it's better off in the rail's class.
- Rail is now actually registered as a tile entity.
- Reworked block check in the HitboxHandler, should be more efficient now.
- Now uses our modelBase rather than vanilla (true it still extends vanilla, but we'll see how long that lasts).
- ModelBase render has been cleaned up a little.
- Removed a pointless call in ModelPoolEntry.
- Removed a large degree of unnecessary functionality from ModelRendererTurbo (just stuff that's never used by the actual modeler).
- Reworked the displaylist functionality to improve performance.
- Removed the legacy compiler, it's never used anyway, not even as a fallback.
- Removed the childModels, they are never used, not even by the modeler.
- Added a new texture binding method to the render, this way prevents binding textures that are already bound (should help significantly for models with multiple textures and rails).
- Disabled lighting for our models, might be added later, but probably best to do it from the texture like everything else in MC.
- Removed the InvertNormals option in TexturedPolygon since it's never used.
- Removed the texture from TextureGroup, because it's never used.