#TrainsInMotion Alpha 0.2.6 release!

Finally a release, better late than never, and this one is actually playable (unlike the regrettable 0.2.5 release)
If you haven't been following the blog you can check out the cliffnotes changelog at:

For the next release I'm gonna put some more focus into graphics and items.
That means textures (finally), a caboose with a crafting table and furnace, new rendering features like lense flares and support for rendering geometry using minecraft's textures, that will be very useful for windows, crafting tables, furnaces, etc.
That also means actual recipe items for trains and rollingstock.

And of course more fuel management enhancements, bugfixes, etc.

At any rate, here's the changelog from the last three updates, it's a lot.
- Reworked the sitting positions for the Pullmans palace.
- Reworked the model the the Rail Curve and Straight Rail.
- Reworked the texture for the Rail Curve.
- Added the raw models for the rails.
- Reworked the VAT Log Car and it's texture.
- Fixed a positional bug with the grouped model render.
- Fixed the missing link in the mod info.
- Changed the version number in the main file.
- Removed Angle3D, easily replaced with Vec3f, which is a simpler class, might add the functionality back in later if requested for animations.
- Removed Shape3D, I no longer have plans to support it since shapeboxes can do the same job and work better.
- Removed Coord2D, Shape2D, and Vec2f, they were only needed for Shape3D which is no longer supported.
- Removed ModelPoolObjEntry, the important functionality is now built into ModelPoolEntry.
- Reworked some statements into terniary where applicable, improves performance.
- Removed RenderOffset(), instead use RenderOffset(false), cleans up code a bit.
- Cleaned up the ModelPool, should improve performance substantially and fix some potential I/O errors.
- Changed a number of variables that would always be assigned a set value during initialization of the variable to use that value as default, should improve performance slightly.
- Made the degrees calculation a static value, should be more efficient and accurate.
- Removed a redundant try on addPolygon.
- Reworked a number of calculations so they no longer need to instance as many variables.
- Added some missing brackets.
- Removed a function to render intentionally without the texture, kinda redundant when you can just define an invalid path and get the exact same result.
- Removed field_1402_i, it's kinda redundant since it's exactly the same as showModel.
- Removed forcedRecompile, it's kinda redundant since it's exactly the same as compiled.
- Reworked Vec3f so it is used more like Vec3d.
- Updated the README.md to reflect the TMT changes.
- Removed TransformGroup, it's only ever used for TransformGroupBone, so we might as well just use that.
- Added some missing documentation.
- Removed some unnecessary type casting.