progress on #Traincraft 010 and #TrainsInMotion

Geeze, it's been almost 3 weeks since my last post?
Well I have been busy, so at least there's news. And a lot of it. So you might wanna take a seat, there's a lot to read.

First of all, after a lot of requests to do so, and even more delays, I'm finally opening a patreon for TiM and Eternal Media Bar, if y'all have ideas for rewards I'd love to hear it, everything is already in place and it should launch today or tomorrow.

I'm also working on a new website to work with git, this should make it a lot easier for people to find what they are looking for, more on this to come later.

So, here's the big news, Traincraft 010 finally has SMP Toolbox support for models (Shapes don't work, so use shapeboxes instead).
Every model that used the old custom model render has been reworked to run through the new render, this should fix a bunch of minor graphical bugs, and significantly improve performance. This will also make it easier for us to re-create these models in SMP toolbox with more details and animations.
From what I hear, Hagrud is close to making the track builder work with the small straight TC rails.
And there's a big controls rework, now there's forwards and backwards keys along with a brake, so now you don't have to look backwards to go backwards. Of course you can still play it similar to the old method if you want, the controls are still dependent on the direction you are looking.

And yes, the dupe bugs have finally been fixed thanks to some of the community members who contributed to the code.

Now I know everyone is asking for a release date, but I still don't have anything to give on that. There's over 3 new trains and 4 new rollingstock being worked on by the community, plus a rework to the IC4, this stuff is intended for release with 010, which is what keeps holding it up.

Now for the news on Trains in Motion.
Most of it is bugfixes, I'm working hard to get this next release as bug free as possible.

- A complete inventory overhaul, Some of this is still unfinished, but essentially the change makes the inventory instanced to the transport itself rather than instanced to the individual interaction. A lot of the functionality is also designed after minecraft 1.12, which fixed a lot of bugs that were there.
 - The rendering API has been reworked, now textures and models are defined in the transport's class and registering it only needs an instance of the class with a null world variable, this should make it a lot easier to implement and customize, even adds support for dynamically swapping the models out.
- The recipe API has been dramatically reworked, they should take less processing power and be easier to manage now.
- Tanker car slots have been reworked a little, the top slot is now for loading and the bottom slot is for unloading.
- Tile entities should now no longer render when off-screen, this should be a dramatic performance increase (it was literally hundreds of FPS for me, but I'm on a GTX 1060, so...).
- Entities now continue to render when their center is off-screen, no more transports randomly going invisible because you kinda looked away.
- All the rendering data is now stored in the individual entities, this fixes a number of issues that the rendering had with positions, rotations, textures, etc.
- Fixed an offset with the seats.
- The tessellator got some extra features to allow for proper alpha layer rendering and for culling, that should improve performance a little.
- A number of loops have been reworked to fix some null bugs.
- Tile entities no longer require a typecast during render, should improve their performance a good bit.
- Blocks now have unlocalized names, this will probably brake existing save files to a small extent, but now they can be translated.
- Fixed a crash related to a datawatcher conflict.
- Fixed a crash related to the texture URI.
- Tanker cars should now properly support 3rd party fluids.
- Fixed smoke and steam rendering at the wrong positions, and moving at the wrong velocities.
- Fixed linked transports not moving with their counterparts.
- Reworked steam fuel calculations, should be easier to manage now.
- Linked rollingstock no longer collide with eachother, should stop a lot of bouncing.
- Fixed front and back links using the same identifier value.
- The bogie model is under some massive reworks, and finally has a texture.
- GUI's have been reworked, now liquid and furnace displays should be in the correct place, or at least a lot closer.
- Braking is now calculated into acceleration and movement.
- Weight of linked transports is now properly calculated in to acceleration.
- Fixed trains not being able to move.
- Fixed item drops for the transport and it's inventory, now they should properly react to destruction based on if player is in creative mode.
- GUI text is now outlined, makes it a lot easier to read with texturepacks.