The truth about my event with MacTirom

Alright so I'm getting a lot of complaints (and harassment) over an event that happened Saturday (because everyone is buying into a lot of BS). Let me set the record totally straight here.

Mac was distributing a texturepack made by another group, in the terms of use for that texture pack, it was stated not to distribute it elsewhere (similar to Traincraft).
Of course, like he's done with traincraft assets in the past, he did it anyway and didn't actually care till he got punished. (What great consideration for others....)

One of my admins hastily temp banned him for it before we could really try to reason with him.

I confronted him in private about it to try and take care of it peacefully before anything bad happened, and he said to me
"MacTirom - Last Saturday at 12:45 PM
ok i will do it better

So giving him another chance (this was like the 6th chance I've given to him on issues regarding ToS and copyright infringement), I unbanned him from discord.

Not even a half hour later he began harassing Trainsa for a greifing incident he couldn't prove (and could have been fixed in a couple minutes with a schematic), attempting to use revenge as an excuse to continue his illegal actions of breaking the texturepack's ToS.
(Seriously who does this kid think he is? China? And it was in all caps too, so is he Kim Jong-un too?)

Again I attempted to advise him to stop, which he blatantly ignored. And continued harassing, not just Trainsa but also multiple people of the community who also stepped in (myself included).
I gave him one last warning that he needs to make this right or I would ban him from not just the discord but TiM as well (which is the core mod that the 1.7/1.9 TC rewrite will need to run).

He took that warning and blatantly told me to go ahead and ban him because he would never take it down, because he believed Trainsa deserved this. (So a few minutes of gameplay is worth defaming someone for an entire texturepack, and illegally distributing it too? I don't think so).
I'm all for 2nd chances, I have a firm belief people can learn and grow from mistakes and that they should be given that opportunity, but 7th is just unreasonable, so my threat is now an action and he has no one but himself to blame.

Growing up is learning responsibility for your actions and learning from life experiences, Something he clearly has been neglecting to do, and my kind attempts to help that clearly weren't working.
My only hope is, now that he's getting some real punishment, he will finally learn to respect other people's work and rights.
(And no, that doesn't mean when he says to me, again, that he's learned that I'll unban him. Because I will believe it's just another lie).