Happy thanksgiving, heres some news to be thankful for #Traincraft #TrainsInMotion

Let me tell you, this move has not gone easy, and I've lost a LOT of dev time, it's been over a month now and we're still trying to get things organized, add the holiday rush in to that mess I have less time to work than ever.

But here's the good news, somehow the rewrite still seems to be on track for early next year, and TC is getting another release before christmas.

So lets start with TC, word has it I'm gonna have over 5 new trains to add, along with some reworks of previous trains that haven't exactly hit a gold standard, aside from the DD35A I don't have exact details yet, but we'll find out soon.
Aside from that we'll have an updated render that fixes the shape bugs with SMP toolbox, finally something more complex than a shapebox, that also means we can finally look into xeno's contributions since he never did follow the guidelines on that stuff.
Remember, we have guidelines for a reason.
Alongside that I'm gonna mess around with some of the less important variables and see if there's anything I can do to improve the performance.

Meanwhile in the rewrite I'm finishing up rails.
It's not absolutely perfect, but the new system is close enough under most circumstances (8 segments per block or more) you can't tell the difference.
Right now its just monorails so I can get the rendering right, but soon I'll be setting it up to render a series of splines, one for each rail, so that way the pathfinding splines can be fully independent from the rendering ones, makes it less work for the server end long run.
I also need to change the distance calculation to segment based on microblock length of spline rather than the microblock length of the block, should smooth the model even more without adding any extra geometry.
With that stuff done I'll be ready to make the next release then work on the render updates for both mods.